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The Rise of Collectivism and Open Source Software

Both Kevin Kelly and Jaron Lanier take on the continuous debate about the effects of open source websites in the articles “The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society is Coming Online” and “Digital Maoism”.  Kelly see’s the rise of open sources in an optimistic light whereas Lanier does not.  Websites where individuals are free to contribute to the overall product has become so powerful that it is beginning to re-shape the way our society operates.  A few examples of open source websites are Wikipedia, Digg, and You-Tube. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence


A.M. Turing is recognized prominently for his ideas regarding artificial intelligence.  He was considerably interested in this question, “Can machines think?”  Turing was an English mathematician and a truly gifted computer scientist.  In the piece, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” Turing was mostly interested in a game he refers to as the “Imitation Game.”  He supposed that if an interrogator could not distinguish between a machine and a human being then perhaps the public could accept the idea that machines are capable of reasoning.  We now refer to this imitation game as “The Turing Test.”  When Turing uses the word “machine” he means precisely a digital computer.

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