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16 responses to “Welcome everyone!

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Alex Weinstein. I am a junior in the Media, Culture, and Communications program. I am eager to learn all about the increasing popularity in digital media.

  2. testing..testing..

    Hello my name is Eunsan. I am a junior majoring in Media, Culture and Communication, and hopefully minoring in studio art. I have a horrible addiction to the Internet and I really like Lolcats.

    I hope that by taking this class I will be able to learn more about the changing currents of media and the rise of digital media and its effects on society and culture.

  3. Hello everybody,

    My name is Jon Woo, and its a pleasure to be in the class with you all.

    Im a senior in the MCC program, and I hope that my last year will be the best one yet.

    Similarly, I hope that I learn a lot from this class, and more importantly, learn how to apply that knowledge. And, hopefully Ill be able to contribute my vast knowledge of useless information in a way that will benefit you too.

    Additionally, my favorite color is orange, my snoring is louder than a jet engine, and those possibly related posts (listed above) are about as random as what i just wrote.

    For more on useless info, check this sticky


  4. Hi everyone, this is Sulagna. I’m a Media, Culture, and Communications major. I hope to learn more about the implications and usage of digital media in this class.

  5. Hello! I’m Jihyun Chang and I’m a sophomore at CAS, but I’m hoping to transfer to Steinhardt for Communications. I decided to take this class because I’m not too sure about what I want to do after graduating and I thought this class would possibly narrow down my interests. Also, digital media is so important in the entertainment industry (which is the field I’m interested in), it’ll probably benefit me by learning more about it.

  6. Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea Cohen and I’m a sophomore in the Media, Culture, Comm major. I’ve always had a deep interest in digital media and the web and am excited to learn even more through this class!

  7. Michael, here.
    Senior – MCC major; Gender/Sex minor

    I took this class because the internet and its culture fascinates, perplexes, and angers me .

  8. Hi everyone,

    My name is Mikalai, I’m a senior and my major is MCC. I’m very excited about this class, can’t wait to learn more about digital media. I believe that soon we will have nothing but digital media. It’s truly amazing how different forms of media are blending together in the type of media that is based on binary data system. Just two simple digits (0,1) are capable of encoding and outputting millions of colors, sounds, images and etc. Digital platform is unique because its technical layout (functionality) is determined by software but not hardware. I think that the movie Matrix is a wonderful example of such virtual platform, were functionality of equipment mainly determined by software. I can’t even imagine what kind of world will be in 50 years from now, do you?

  9. Hello everyone. My name is Edwin Cho and I am a senior at Stern majoring in marketing and management. I am taking this class due to the rising importance of digital media throughout the world and how it can relate to globalization.

  10. Hi
    Gallatin- Music Business Minor in Business of Entertainment Media and Technology
    I took this class because in the music business today it is very important to learn how to use all the avail digital media outlets to help promote artists and their music.

  11. Hey kids. I’m Lynn: a senior MCC major, sociology minor, music enthusiast, aspiring new media nerd, and avid Tweeter. I have a particular interest in social networks and social aspects of the digital realm. If I can manage to study for the GRE’s, I’d like to pursue my masters in Media Studies.

  12. Hi all, I’m Eric and I’ll be graduating next spring as a finance/marketing major. Hopefully after graduation the employment gods will allow me to find a job in the city, but things are still pretty uncertain.
    Even though I’m studying finance, I’ve always been really interested in technology and media. Especially the areas where technology meets art I find fascinating. I’m hoping that we’ll touch on some of that in class.
    A little bit more about me: I have an interest in cooking, and my favorite pokemon is eevee.

  13. Hi everybody, I’m Alec I major in MCC and I’ll graduate in the spring. I’m looking forward to what we’ll be learning about in this class.

  14. Hello my name is Nick and I’m a senior in the MCC program as many of you are too.

    I’m looking forward to taking this class to see how new media has developed as well as its uses so I can benefit in my (hopefully soon) career.

  15. Heyyy everybody!

    My name is Katie and I am a senior in CAS. I am an art history major but I am incredibly interested in pop culture and digital media. If I had the opportunity to switch my major, it would most definitely be to communications (my old school did not have that as an option). I’m excited to learn more about our digital culture and to explore different ways to interpret the media .

    I’m excited to get to know everyone. See ya tomorrow!

  16. Hello all!

    I have recently joined the class as well. I am a junior in MCC and am really excited about the content of this course. I’m interested in understanding the definition of identity, communication and reality in this digital age.

    See you all tomorrow!

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